All books on this site are sold at wholesale prices for the purpose of spreading Rebbe Nachman's teachings and not for making a profit.

Ordering Books

It is very simple to order the books, all you have to do is go to the page of the book and add it to your cart. You can view what products are currently in your cart by clicking on the 'view cart' button on the left side bar.

To add more products to your cart, simply close the cart window and then add more books. You can update the quantity of each book in the cart window.

Inventory and Out of Stock Books 

If a book is not currently in stock, then it will say so in the pop up cart window. We keep tight inventory control and if the site allows you to order a book, it means we have it in stock.

(Orders to Eretz Yisroel are currently an exception since we send it out from our Tzfat base and have a different inventory count. For now we will handle that case by case until we get the Hebrew part of this site running. Most of the time it should not be an issue since we have plenty of books here as well).

Transaction Security

All of our payments are done over the paypal secure server and B"H you will not have to worry about breaches in security. We will not give over your personal information to other parties, although we might contact you for purposes of Hafatza at a later point.

Payment Methods

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept payments from PayPal.

Although we run our payments through PayPal, there is no need for you to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase. You can use your regular credit card, even though you do not own a PayPal account.

Since some people are confused by this, we are including a screen shot to show how it is possible to pay with a credit card even though you do not have a PayPal account. All you have to do is go to the section that says "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account" and press continue.

Breakdown of Book Pricing

This site was created to sell as many of Rebbe Nachman's books as possible and not to make a profit from book sales. We do not mark up the books. If there are any marginal differences due to the averaging factor, it will be used for stocking up on more inventory. No one is pocketing the money.

Here is the formula we use to determine the price of a book.

$1 = 3.5 Shekel 
(Although the shekel does go up, we can not change the conversion rate everyday, so we are working with this figure to prevent losses. Remember we have to withdraw the money from our US account and transfer it to Shekels in order to pay the publishers for the books. At the time of this writing, you end up with 3.5 shekel per dollar after withdrawal charges.) 

Publisher Price 
Wholesale price of books as offered by the various publishers. 
Sea Shipping Charge 
We bulk ship the books from Israel via sea to our Far Rockaway, NY base. On average each regular book costs $1 to ship, large books $2, medium books .50 cents and small books .30 cents. Although this can not be applied to every book since they vary in page size and weight, these are the average prices and these are the figures we are using.
Deducted Pay Pal Fee 
Paypal charges a 2.9% fee from every sale + .30 cents 
Most sites make a profit on sales so they swallow this charge in that amount. Since we are selling at cost, we have to add this as a separate charge. On the shopping cart this charge comes up as 'Tax'. On books we only add 2.9%, the .30 cents are added to the shipping charge.
Price of Book

Here are some examples

Large - Leather Like Cover Likutay Maharan
Publisher Price 50 shekel / 3.5 = $14.29
Sea Shipping $2 for large book
Total for Book $16.29
Our Price $16.25
Pay Pal Fee 2.9% of $16.25 = .47 cents
Tax .47 cents
Total Paid $16.72
Likutay Maharan - Regular Edition
Publisher Price 25 shekel / 3.5 = $7.14
Sea Shipping $1 for regular book
Total for Book $8.14
Our Price $8.00
Pay Pal Fee 2.9% of $8.00 = .23 cents
Tax .23 cents
Total Paid $8.23
Sichos Haran - Small Edition
Publisher Price 15 shekel / 3.5 = $4.29
Sea Shipping $0.30 for small book
Total for Book $4.59
Our Price $4.60
Pay Pal Fee 2.9% of $4.60 = .13 cents
Tax .13 cents
Total Paid $8.73