Rabbi Nachman of Breslov; Who He Was, and What He Said

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Pamphlet about Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. Includes transliteration of the Tikkun Klali.

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HH: Rabbi Nachman of Breslov lived over 200 years ago. His great grandfather, the Baal Shem Tov had already brought radical reform and revitalization to the world and Judaism, but Rabbi Nachman did not suffice with this spiritual inheritance, rather he sought out anew the very core fundamental essence and source of existence with the Holy Merciful One G-d. Countless times, every single day, he would start completely new, throwing his complete devotion in seeking true life and bonding with the Creator. Although he was blessed with extraordinary brilliance and genius, he shunned sophistication and even put erudition second to prayer. He championed simple devotions, he prized heartfelt prayer and conversation with G-d more than everything. Rabbi Nachman confronted all the vices which influence people, and he conquered and prevailed. He rose above all the trappings and pettiness of human nature, and continued to rise in supernal spiritual attainments of goodness and G-dliness. From his lofty perspective Rabbi Nachman looks into the deepest abyss, and gives firm directions to self redemption. Back in his times the world still had a great deal of denial of human weakness, and open honest admittance to one's failings were almost not existent, just on a very private and somewhat theoretical paradigm. Rabbi Nachman's simple true approach of dedication to addressing one's character and standing in regular sessions of hisbodidus (seclusion) with G-d was a sharp and brutal attack on the sophisticated yet superficial systems which ruled society. Those who strongly needed to find the truth, would find Rabbi Nachman. Slowly his chasidus (sect) of Breslov grew, with individuals who had the strength to stand up for their values even in the face of condemnation by society at large. Ultimately the holy ways of Rabbi Nachman began to inoculate even the views of the world at large, and today we are witness to how the world at large has embraced many of the approaches which had previously been somewhat exclusive to Breslov. Hopefully this little booklet will help that initiative along, there's still quite a way to go B”H. In this little booklet I present many succinct teachings which are basics of Breslov; short, sweet, and to the point. Great care was given to accurately translate the teachings, and their exact sources are provided. In addition there is a short synopsis of who Rabbi Nachman was and what he was about. The booklet also explains the progression of Breslov into the present day, specifically with the revelation of the New Song in a letter signed by Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. This booklet also has a transliteration of the Teekoon Haklalli – the comprehensive “General” rectification – which are the ten Psalms that Rabbi Nachman prescribed, and a short prayer which has become conventional. In short, this booklet is like a first aid kit, providing some basic directives to help a person gain his/her footing and gather his wit, so that he can get his life in order and set in the right direction. Everyone should be extremely familiar with all the teachings presented, and one should pray profusely and copiously over every teaching to merit to realize and achieve them.

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