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This site was created to help maximize the spreading of Rebbe Nachman's teachings in the world. All books on this site are sold at wholesale cost and not for a profit. The site itself was created on a volunteer basis and so is the shipping of the books. Additionally B"H we will eventually offer all the books for download on this site.

It is a great merit to help promote this site and it is considered great hafatza. If you are a webmaster, please consider linking to this site If you do not have a site, you can also do similar hafatza by putting a link to this site in the signature of your email and in any written material or stickers that you publish. Spreading this site through word of mouth will also be great hafatza.

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If someone clicks through your link and buys a book, then you just did Hafatza and helped spread the light of Rebbe Nachman in this world.

Here are some banners you can use to link to us. B"H we will be posting more as well as the code for people who do not know how to link.

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